How to own a Luxury apartment in a year

Walk up to the random person on the street today and ask them what their dream for the future is. One thing you’ll most likely hear is “to build a big house”. Who doesn’t want to enjoy all the pleasures of a luxury house- a house that is as grand as it is comfortable; one that is a true statement of your personality. one with the right price?

I’m sure you also want this; and so, in this article, we will be showing you 5 ways to get your hands on one within a year!

When acquiring a home you tend to look for one that would suit you the most without creating a large hole in your pockets. You may be swayed by signs that choose their words craftily, claiming “luxury homes for sale”. But you need to understand that all that glitters is not gold. This doesn’t mean that every deal is a bad deal. Once in a while, you may also be offered a genuine too-good-to-be-true deal. In this article, you’ll also learn to spot the difference.

So why in the world should you want a luxurious home over a simpler house? Below are the top answers to that question.

5 Reasons You Need a Luxurious House Urgently

  • You get an Aesthetically Pleasing Abode

Having a luxurious home gives you the chance to give it whatever design you see fit. You can make your home reflect your personality by decorating with your favorite aesthetics. This will make you love gazing at the very design you have given your home.

  • You Get Good Security

Living in a luxurious home will guarantee that you, your family and your belongings are safe and secure. Luxurious apartments are designed to have super security features which include CCTV cameras and smart locks  to ensure the safety of the owners of the houses. Some luxurious homes even have emergency rooms where intensve first aid can be administered before going to the hospital for a full treatment.

  • You Get Access to Advanced Technology

Luxury homes don’t just afford you safety and aesthetics. They also feature awesome, smart tech. Some homes have amazing technological innovations like remote controlled window shutters, switch boards and even solar generators for power.

  • You get to Look Classy

 A luxurious home is the perfect symbol of status and prestige. As an owner of a luxurious home you are entitled to the status and reputation it affords. You have worked hard and saved up to buy the house. Such homes tend to announce your place and not just your postal address.

  • You get more value for your money

The decision of getting yourself a luxurious home will show you that the house is worth your money.  Getting a luxurious home is proof that you made a good investment with your money. Simply see it as getting your money’s worth. The benefits you get from that home will make you happy and prove that you have made a good choice.

  • You get an Asset the Appreciates Steadily

Having a home of value only means that with time such an asset will appreciate. A luxurious home is a guarantee that if you were to sell that home to another with its alluring features it’s bound to cost more than when you bought it. A luxurious home only appreciates as its aesthetics and attributes make it more expensive to get as time goes on.

5 Ways to Get a Luxury House for Less

Getting the luxury home of your choice can seem difficult but here are five effective ways to acquire it without much stress.

  • Invest in a Vacation Rental Property 

Allowing you to kill two birds with one stone, this is the best investment plan you can make as you can use it for your own delight and even rent it out for a while as a passive income stream. And since it’s a high quality property, it is worth more when putting it out for temporary rent.  It has numerous benefits like asset appreciation, business opportunities and more.

  • Buying an Offplan House

Another easy way of getting a luxurious home is buying an off-plan house. This means committing to buy a property which has not been built yet. It is a good venture for both investors and house owners because when you buy a property off-plan it is more affordable than getting an existing home. In other words, you  secure the purchase below market price which saves more money. Some time may be involved but it guarantees you your luxurious home.

  • Flipping a Mansion

This is another way of acquiring luxurious property for mostly investors. Flipping is purchasing a piece of real estate with the intention of selling it later for more money under profitable marketing conditions. Luxury homes typically are well-maintained so costs for a rehabilitation will be cheaper. And since there are not much flippers in the market the competition is minimal. Therefore, flipping a mansion will be more profitable than not.

  • Installment Payments

Paying in little sums until the cost of the house is complete is one of the easiest ways to acquire a luxurious home. Most real estate companies offer payment plans that range from 6 months to 2 years, depending on your capacity. Usually, you secure the property with the first installment payment. This allows you payment flexibility but you don’t get to move in until you complete the payment. This is a sure and effective way of getting a luxurious home in a year.

  • Investing in a Luxury Condo

A condominium is a residential property with individual compartments that are owned by different people. It is mainly common in Western areas and is a good investment choice. Although the different apartments are owned by different people, when buying an condo you deal directly with the building’s owner. You hardly share facilities with other individuals that live there as you get your own separate unit. And you get access to all the luxury the a condo apartment has to offer. The apartment offers a lot of luxurious accessories like a walking path, jacuzzi and more. Plus Condominiums will fetch you a lump sum of cash if you decide to actually sell it in the future.


Having a valuable asset is one of the best decisions an individual can make in his lifetime, but what makes that decision counts is when the asset he sets out to acquire is quality enough and will in turn give him benefits for it. Instead of scrolling through properties that “you can afford” which are cheap, save up for quality assets that will be profitable as time goes on. Taking up processes like installmental payments and more will help you actualise your goal of getting that quality property. So what are you waiting for?, start planning on acquiring that asset you so desire.

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